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' Paradise - no exit '
A project and film linking the travels and lives of Constance Astley & Margaret Shaen in the late 19th century with the parallel travels and life of the artist Su Grierson. Re creating their very similar journeys to New Zealand in 1897 and 1960 the film is a visual collage rather than a documentary. It addresses not only the issues of place and time, but introduces thoughts and ideas about travel and our desire to seek 'Paradise'.

The film will be exhibited alongside a selection of historical and contemporary images and writings.

During my travels I produced a Blog which can be seen at:
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The research and editing of the film were supported by an artists award from The Scottish Arts Council.

Paradise - no exit clip 1

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Powerplay (excerpt)
A short looped video. Part of 'Eyeshine'. Bringing together two different aspects of power. Designed to be shown in a constricted space or viewing tunnel.

Powerplay (27K)

Origin (short clips)
A project with Diane Maclean. Silent projection on to the outside of The Museum of Scotland Edinburgh and a stand alone monitor work with sound shown within. Museums store the histories and origins of our cultural heritage. Here the artists explored the origin of the building itself. Returning to the original quarry they filmed the rock being blasted, excavated and worked. By projecting this footage onto the facade they visually link the building with its history. Even at the core of our national, urban and cultural life lie dynamic links with the very heart of landscape.

Origin (32K)

Intervention 'Candle' (excerpt)
One of a series of lens and computer based works that create new meaning by insertions of objects or text within existing settings. Baltic forest Lithuania

InterventionCandle (33K)

My Blue Heaven (excerpts)
Created for the Invisible Fields exhibition. My Blue Heaven collages video from a pleasure ground and an early morning train ride across Finland. Suggesting pleasure and thrill as landscape attractors. The sound track is a compilation of recordings made at the pleasure ground. The landscape becomes infused with the sounds of thrills and excitement. This IS the ride of a lifetime.

Terry (32K)

Near Hear Abiko.
International Open Air Art Residency Japan 2007
Formerly a warehouse in this old Edo period farmhouse complex, a range of sounds from rural Scotland were introduced so that they quietly echoed round the timber framed building. Uniting cultures and histories across time across space. Excerpts from a documentary film of the work.

Abiko (29K)

Un-natural selection (excerpt)
Eggs are a ubiquitous foodstuff as well as being symbols of fertility and regeneration. This work looks at the rejects. The perfectly good food that didn't make the grade visually. The flaws blazoned on the defective eggs have direct references to the human form and issues of physical perfection.
This work was created as part of Aerial Roots.

UnnatSelect (27K)

Aerial Roots ( selected excerpts)
The project Aerial Roots is a direct response to the agricultural film in the Scottish Screen Archive. Using contemporary footage of present day agricultural practice, Su Grierson and Rob Page have created a new film which brings together these two strands of documentation, archive and modern. This film is primarily a visual and creative way of looking at the changes that have occurred in the last 70 years, within the lifespan of many people working still in Scottish agriculture.
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AerialRoots (34K)

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