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This work is the outcome of a forensic style investigation to find evidence of actions occurring in the Heartwood woodland that are normally unseen by the casual visitor.

Objects showing evidence of these actions have been collected and are now displayed within a very dark space - a police forensic tent. The items can be re-discovered by the viewers using torches as they negotiate the space. Reflections and shadows create an atmosphere often associated with the darkness and partially seen nature of deep woodland where we share our world with unseen others.

Within the black space an intermittent sound track plays, a partly manipulated collage of recorded echo location calls of night time flying bats.

Heartwood is an annual woodland exhibition located in rural Perthshire. It is organised by seven Scottish-based artists with diverse visual practices who are brought together by their passion for making art in the natural environment and their desire to seize this opportunity to explore different ways of working. They meet regularly and collaborate throughout the year to make it happen, each creating new work specifically for the site.

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