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Curatorial & Organisational

Touch Down

Curated by SU GRIERSON for
Galeri 45
Gothenberg Sweden

Touch Down is an international exhibition of work by selected artists who respond to, look at and think about land and landscape in a variety of ways and using a range of media. Above all this is an exhibition about diversity, of many voices each seeking to engage with some small aspect of the wider picture. It is truly a 'coming together' a 'touch down' of artworks seeking jointly through their individual visions to build a bigger picture of the world we live in.

From Australia Margaret Roberts brings 'Cook East Cook West' a two monitor video work of the Nullabor desert. A seemingly simple work in which the endlessly flat landscapes filmed from the east and west trains going out of Cook, race inwards towards a single horizon.
From the Highlands of Scotland Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson present A889 a documentation and video of the A889 road which runs east/west across the heart of Scotland, not only famed for its dramatic landscape but more recently declared to be the most dangerous road in Scotland
Tim Knowles from England engages directly with the natural forces of the wind to make a series of balloon drawings. His apparatus of motors, pulleys and paper is taken to various locations where the movement of the wind activates a captive balloon attached to a pen which draws , at pre determined intervals, on the paper below.
Christopher Fortescue an Australian now living and working in Vienna , brings us a text/sound work 'Transitions'. A text records the theory and documentation of a project involving the conversion of data sets from various natural and scientific processes into 3 dimensional sound environments..

A more colourful formality is found in the work of two artists. Hans Peter Hepp from Germany contributes two oil paintings on canvas. His subject is domestic architecture situated in stylised landscapes.
Su Grierson from Scotland presents two digital prints 'un-erased landscape, digital stream 1 & 2'. Captured by video the landscape is brought to the computer for editing and becomes indelibly printed on the computers memory. Attempts to remove or erase the images can never be entirely successful. Brought back from the edges of recoverability, the erased video is converted into a new and chaotic stream of digital data which has been re-captured as still image.
From Lithuania, Inge Darguzyte sends small lino prints. These works are less about representing the geological force of landscape, but rather about re-enacting them manually through the gouging out of the lino, through her own hand and arm movement.
The paintings of Christine Goodman have a similar intensity. These works are the result of a process of layering paint on to supported canvas and then literally mechanically grinding it away again these paintings are simply evidence of a process.

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