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'perhaps now is the time to fly...'

We generally go into woodland to experience and observe the natural world. Often in public spaces there are labels and signage to give us information . This project reverses that order. Employing the labelling system normally used to carry plant identification in botanic gardens, the artist has replaced the expected information with suggestions and texts that make us aware of our own position as observers.

The texts refer to the feelings, fears, thoughts and attention that we might have as we stand in that place with those plants. By changing what is expected, this series of texts encourage the viewers to think about the human condition and the experience of being there as they walk through the varied woodland.

'perhaps now is the time to fly...' was part of 'Interventions'

Interventions was a selected group show of 10 British contemporary art situated in the stunning woodlands near Aberfoyle in Stirlingshire. This marks the first large scale intervention by artists within this area of the National Park of Scotland. Each artist responded individually to the challenge to interact with the woodland environment, some choosing to work in harmony, while others look to confront and contrast with the surroundings.

This area of Scotland has been in constant flux. Over the past century the landscape has been altered dramatically with the relocation of crofters and the mass planting of vast areas of forest. This process of human intervention and morphing the natural environment offers a rich context for the exhibition. The challenge for the artist's involved is to utilise the elements as part of their response and consider not only their intervention to this space, but also the interaction with the public and the challenges of creating work in a non gallery space.
Rob Mulholland

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