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LookLook is an informal project organised by Su Grierson inviting international artists to Scotland to networking with Scottish artists, visiting galleries and arts organisations and seeing some of our very beautiful country. 50 international artists have visited since 2001. Artists stay here in rural Perthshire and are networked with other rurally based artists as well as city based artists. LookLook began when I left Glasgow to make my studio at my home in rural Perthshire , and felt a strong need to make where I am the centre of something rather than feeling on the edge of an arts structure dominated by the city.

The first visit in 2001 happened when I was totally inspired by six Lithuanian textile artists who were then just completing their Masters degrees in Vilnius. Their determination and self belief in the face of very difficult times in their newly independent country triggered me to make them an invitation. The success of their visit and the spin offs for other Scottish textile artists in Lithuania were the drive for me to continue.
Two larger visits were created in 2002 and 2005 in conjunction with Diane Maclean, and since then I have continued with further visits based largely around attendance at the Perthshire visual Arts Forum of which I am the chair.

There have never been funds available in Scotland to support this project so that the visiting artists must raise their air fares in their own country, and in Scotland they are supported by in kind donations and goodwill of local artists.
A great many spin-off opportunities have arisen directly through contacts made on LookLook both for Scottish artists and between the visitors. As the web of connections widens it becomes impossible to trace the numerous indirect links that have been generated.

International Artists who have taken part in LookLook

LookLook 2001 - 6 Lithuanian MA textile graduates. Migle Lebednykaite, Julija Vosyliute, Laura Pavilonyte, Auste Jurgelionyte, Karolina Kuncinaite, Rasa Leonaviciute.

LOOKLOOK 2002 (with Diane Maclean) 12 artists from Japan, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Mauritius.
Akihiko Kuwayam, Annika Dahlsten, Anna Carlson, Christina Lindberg, Diana Radaviciute, Kestutis Grigaliunas, Kestutis Musteikis, Saulius Valius, Vytenis Lingys, Eva Kask, Lennart Mand, Hans Peter Hepp, Manou Soobhany.

LOOKLOOK 2003 6 printmakers from Estonia, Lithuania, Finland ,Denmark and Sweden.
Mara Pedanik, Inge Darguzyte, Rimvydas Markeliunas, Klavs Weiss, Bjorn Bredstrom, Sanna Huttunen.

LOOKLOOK 2003 2 Japanese artists.
Tomoko Esashi, Mariko Honda with Yoshiharu Mishio, Ren and Yuko.

LOOKLOOK 2005 (with Diane Maclean) artists from Sweden, Estonia, Netherlands, Iceland, Japan, Denmark.
Lars Wickstrom, Liina Siib, Jan van Boekel, Valgadur Hauksdottir, Tokio Maruyama, Yoshiko Maruyama, Klavs Weiss.

LOOKLOOK 2006 video week. 3 German artists.
Anke Meixner, Ute Herwig, Mira Amari joined Kyra Clegg, Caroline Dear, Judith McLachlan, Angus Clyne, Helen O'Brien and Su Grierson.

LOOKLOOK 2006: artists from Lithuania, Spain, New Zealand, Germany.
Anna Recasens, Elvira Pujol, Joan Vilapuig, Maureen Lander, Ute Herwig, Inga Darguzyte, Evaldas Mikalauskis, Jurga Mincinauskiene.

LOOKLOOK 2007 artists from Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands.
Lida Dubauskiene Dovile Tomkute Solveiga Vasiljeva Jan van Boekel Nele Zirnite Ivonna Veiherte.

LOOKLOOK 2008 Artists from Estonia.
Liinna Siib and Laura Kuusk.

LOOKLOOK 2008 Artists from Japan (7), Germany (2), France.
Tomoko Esashi, Mariko Honda, Ohya Rica, Kimura, Masayuki Tokunaga, Goto Mitsuri, Takagi Kayoko, Rentaro, Ute Herwig, Anke Meixner.

LOOKLOOK 2009 Artist from Lithuania.
Kestutis Mustakis.

LOOKLOOK 2009 Artist from Lithuania.
Inge Darguzyte.

LOOKLOOK 2011 From France.
Elodie Lefebvre.

LOOKLOOK 2013 Textile artist and Gallery owner from Japan, Shigeko and Muneharu Tokura.

LOOKLOOK 2014 Visual artist and performance artist from Japan, Yoshiko and Tokio Yoshiko Maruyama.

Perhaps 4 times as many Scottish artists have taken an active part in this project allowing us studio visits, meals, beds, cars and hours of talking and entertainment. Many more have met with us along the way. I thank them all.

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