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Text works

An interest in the use of text within image and video has been an ongoing concern.
Formally, integrating text as word, subtitle or speech creates a visual and aural identity that can be utilised in ways that go beyond the purely visual experience. It directly engages the viewer in a wider experience of the work in ways that accompanying texts cannot. Text can be a catalyst that directs towards new or obscure meaning, or it can be poetic and actively engage the brain with reason at the same time as the visual cortex is activated by the image. Text can also add critical and theoretical elements directly into the experience of the image beyond that which titles and accompanying texts can achieve.

The video work Catch, commissioned by Threshold for Perth Concert hall, was a visual poem moving across 22 screens. Each sequence contained words and images that held their own meaning and identity but allowed for an accumulated meaning over time.

In the Marking Time catalogue, words were introduced to add comment to the images of painted marks on trees, a practice that has an incredibly wide range of social contexts.

Individual images have also lent themselves to experiments with ideas about the relationship between images, viewer, and the experience of the natural world.

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