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Light and dark are the means by which we see. In the dramatic ice-scapes and sharp alpine slopes of NewZealand's glacial terrain, light creates landscape of overwhelming intensity. This series of images subverts the patterns of light using photographic and computer techniques, leaving recognition and familiarity but adding the drama of uncertainty. Offering opportunities to look again, to see the world through slightly different eyes. A virtual world as an appendage of the real.

These images are part of a larger portfolio and have been shown as part of SLICE and created for private commission.

blob (10K)   Slice installation

A visit to the Californian Sierras in January 2008 raised the question of how it is possible to respond with image to such an overwhelming physical environment. These works explore the potential of photography and computer to see place in terms of the thoughts and feeling evoked rather than in terms of physical grandeur.

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