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An exhibition of images that specifically exploit the technological properties for visual enhancement. The subject of the works are major industrial complexes sited in rural locations

Presented as sites of wonder and awe they address our desire for beauty and for visual gratification. They reference a photographic history of landscape documentation, and the desire for the 'ideal' both in composition and subject.

However in these works, to reach that point of satisfaction, the viewer must first overwhelm their knowledge of the place, the nature of this site of industrial production. The rural 'ideal' becomes the ideal place to contain the industrial sites that are both the product and producers of that desire.

EYESHINE: the Australian name for the golden glint of a crocodile's eyes when caught in the night-time beam of the hunters lamp.

'somewhere between transfixed admiration and deep rooted terror'
'...imbues her subject with poignancy, especially her prints, and these are technically impressive images'
'...doom laden, dreamy and nightmarish beauty'

Elizabeth Mahony The Guardian May 2001

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