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Domesticate /Repatriate

In this project the signage of nature, it's abstracted and simplified pattern, is recombined with the photographic representations of the social and natural world.

For centuries landscape and nature have been domesticated on the surfaces of textiles, ceramics and furnishings, but here they are re-fashioned into new and contemporary outcomes.

Pattern contains history, each representing the ideals and ideas and techniques that were relevant at its own time of production.

What is real? How much do the images that surround us in everyday life affect how we see and feel about the real world? To what extent do these images even register on our consciousness at all? Yet they undoubtedly do subliminally affect our understanding of the natural world.

Pattern, its simplicity and its essential essence, removes the mess of reality. It symbolically abstracts the basic form, but by reuniting that abstraction with images from the real world it can take-on a different set of perceptions.

Not so much a patchwork but an integration or layering. These works not only cross barriers between representational techniques but also bring together the distinct art disciplines of art & design. A merging or synthesis takes place, the borderlines are gone, a kind of in-between space arises. Here I am looking for the 'immediacy' of the image. The point at which it is first and foremost a visual experience, where some kind of understanding kicks in at the moment before thought - which is perhaps one interpretation of the sublime.

This project was shown at ARKA Gallery in Vilnius in Lithuania during their Year as European Capital of Culture 2009. Together with work by Bavid Blyth the exhibition was titled Common Ground. A 6 page catalogue with text by Andrea Peach can be downloaded here:
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